2014 Lincoln MKT Price and Release Date

Those who are after wagon-model car—including you—can hope for the best next year as the 2014 Lincoln MKT is planned to the biggest attention-stealer. The body is somewhat muscular but there is some splash of beauty going on around the ride, no matter what. And guess what, the car is made in two trims so that you can simply take another one if the other does not really match to what you picture in your head. The presence of the two models can also enable you to get another alternative as one of them is made to contain fuel that is quite effective.

2014 Lincoln MKT redesign and price

The Two Sides of 2014 Lincoln MKT

The first type of 2014 Lincoln MKT is the base model. The model is geared up with 6-cylinder V6 machine featuring 3.7 liter fuel capacity, which is capable of producing 303 horsepower using regular gas. The mileage test of this first type shows that it can reach up to 17 miles per gallon of gas for the city way and 25 for highway. The next lineup is called the ecoboost as it is directed more to those who are environmentally savvy while not abandoning the needs of having accelerated speed—it is even stronger than its twin. Sporting a 6-cylinder V6 machine equipped with fuel capacity as much as 3.5 liter (0.2 liter lower than the previous model) capable of giving its rider a 365 horsepower. Its mileage measures, however, decrease but that seems to be the most logical consequence of getting a “downgrade” in capacity after all. For the city way, it is 16 miles per gallon (premium gas) while 23 for highway. Both types are equipped with 6-speed automatic transmission so you may expect an escalated comfort coming out of the car even more. Warranty is also embedded to the car covering various ranges of stuff including protection against corrosion on certain parts of the car body which may perforate them.

Additions to 2104 Lincoln MKT

Entertainment-wise, the 2014 Lincoln MKT is armed to the bone as there is a complete array of features hanging around under its rugged hood. There are 10 speakers in both models which come as a standard addition. While for the base model they are not adjustable, the Ecoboost model can reach up to 14 speakers. The car can be fitted with occupiers up to 7 persons and all the seating uses upholstered leather. Plus, the car has also been upped with the addition of touch screen controls into it.

The Price for 2014 Lincoln MKT will be around $42,785 Starting MSRP1

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